The objective of ISO 45001 OHS certification is to help organizations in designing and implement management system to prevent or reduce injury and ill health, regardless of size or industry. All of its requirements are designed to be integrated into an organization’s overall management processes, following the so-called ISO High Level Structure, already adopted by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Experts from DQS related organizations have contributed to the development of standards.

DQS Academy is providing professional public internal auditor and standard understanding training courses to facilitate clients to transition to the new standard. The internal auditor training course includes the primary local laws related to OHSMS.

修訂後的職安健管理體系(OHSMS)國際標準 ISO 45001的最終草案在近日的投票表決獲得通過。

正式標準 ISO 45001:2018 預計將於2018年第1季發布,用作取代目前的 OHSAS 18001:2007 標準。該國際標準公佈後,預計將有3年的過渡轉換期。

ISO 45001職安健管理體系認證的目的是幫助組織,不論規模或行業,設計和運行管理體系以防止或減少傷害和健康問題。所有要求都根據ISO 9001:2015和ISO 14001:2015已經採用的高級結構,設計並融入於組織的整體管理過程。DQS相關組織的專家參與了標準的制定。

DQS 學堂 現正提供專業的公開內審員和標準理解培訓課程協助客戶順利轉換到新標準,內審員課程包括職安健管理相關的當地重要法規。


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