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User Guide 用户指引

For online exam and online certificate, please follow below step:
进行在线考试和取得在线 “培训完成证书” ,请按下列步骤:

  1. Register for the course, including the true name in English or Pinyin to show on certificate.  
    在以下连结登记,包括将列印于证书上的真实姓名(英文或拼音): https://dqs-a.com/register/
  2. Buy the course you need. 购买您需要的课程。
    Alternatively, you may be provided with a COURSE CODE if the course is purchased via offline approach. 
    For onsite course with online exam, normally the COURSE CODE will be provided upon completion of lecturing. 
  3. After Login (Menu at upper-right corner), search at Search Column for the course with key words of the course name.
  1. Enter COURSE CODE at the right side of the page of the listed course, click "Submit", as illustrated in below picture.
    如下图所示,在对应课程页面的右边输入课程购买代码,然后按 “Submit 提交”。
  1. Click Start the Course to complete the exam Quiz within the specified time.  
    按 “Start the Course 开始课程”,并在规定时间内完成考试。
  2. The exam Quiz, including possible retake (normally for once), shall be completed within listed Course Duration. 
    For a course with on-site lecturing, it's normally 5 days from the lecturing end day. 
  3. After exam, you can click "Check Result". Unless otherwise specified, the passing score is getting 60% of questions correctly answered.
    考试完成后,可以按 " Check Result 查看成绩" 。如无另外说明,答对60%的试题数量为合格。
  4. If not to retake the exam, click " Back to Course".
    如不重考,就可以按 "Back to Course 回到课程"。
  5. Click" Continue the Course". If passing the exam, your certificate will be under "Courses/My Profile".
    按" Continue the Course 继续课程"。如果考试合格,您的在线证书就在 "Courses/My Profile 课程/我的文档" 下。
  6. Confirm that you have registered with your true name (in English or Pinyin) for the certificate.
  7. For the 1st time to open the certificate, use computer, rather than mobile phone to 
    avoid generation of incomplete certificate due to insufficient resolution.
  8. After opening the certificate, right-click on the certificate to save it into your computer.
  9. The online certificate can be velidated with certificate Code at this website (bottom column) at present.
  10. Before formal exam, you can try the Example Course to get familiar with the processes, if needed.


If you need support, contact our CS staff Ms. Phyllis Yiu at:
 (+852) 3752 2297, (+86) 187177 33306, iso@dqs.hk.

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