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User Guide

For online exam and online certificate, please follow below step:

  1. Register for the course, including the true name to show on certificate.
  2. After Login (Menu at upper-right corner), search at Search Column for the course with key words of the course name.
  3. Buy the course you need (A course in English and Chinese versions are independent without connection at this website).
  4. Alternatively, you may be provided with a COURSE CODE if the course is purchased via offline approach. 
    For onsite course with online exam, normally the COURSE CODE will be provided upon completion of lecturing.
  5. Before formal exam, you can try the Example Course to get familiar with the processes, if needed. 
  1. After searching and selecting your enrolled course, enter COURSE CODE at the right side of the course page, 
    click "Submit", as illustrated in below picture.
  2. Click Start Course to complete the exam Quiz. Don't change website language during the course.
  3. The exam Quiz, including possible retakes (normally for twice), shall be completed within the listed Course Duration. 
    For a course with on-site lecturing, it's normally 7 days from the lecturing end day.
  4. After exam, you can click "Check Result". Unless otherwise specified, the passing score is getting 60% of questions correctly answered.
  5. If not to retake the exam, click “Next Unit" or " Back to Course".
  6. Click" Continue the Course", if it shows. If passing the exam, your certificate will be under website Menu "Customers/My Profile".
  7. Confirm that you have registered with your true name (in English or Pinyin) for the certificate.
  8. For the 1st time to open the certificate, use computer, rather than mobile phone, 
    to avoid generation of incomplete certificate due to insufficient resolution.
  9. After opening the certificate, save it into your computer.
  10. The online certificate can be validated with certificate Code at this website (bottom column) at present.
  11. If an incomplete training certificate is generated due to use of a mobile phone of low resolution, click here for solution of regeneration.
If you need further assistance, contact our CS staff.

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